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My Dog Needs A Daily Walk!


Happy Dog Walks


Daily dog walks are perfect for the pup who has a lot of energy, destroys things due to boredom or just needs some social interaction.


We will provide a lot of Loving Attention, a long walk around your neighborhood, play in the backyard, or play in a walking distance local dog park!  Fresh water, food and light medications, as well as a yummy a treat!


Cat care and small animals, in a tank or cage, care is included with each visit.  

Visits rates are Per visit.

30 minute visit:  $22.00 

45 minute visit:  $28.00    

60 minute visit:  $40.00


It is at the discretion of Happy At Home Professional Pet care to determine if your dogs can be securely walked together.  We reserve the right to discontinue walks, or charge additional time to walk the dogs separately, due to the safety of the dogs and ours. Dogs that are unable to walk safely on a leash will be provided with backyard play time.


Happy at Home Vacation & Home Check Visits 


Vacation visits include everything the mid-day visits entail along with the following additional complimentary services: 


Open/close blinds, bring in mail/paper, alternate lights, water plants, yard pick-up and trash take out. The care of cats and small caged animals are also included. 


We recommend a minimum of two visits a day for vacation visits.
Daily walk rates apply.


Home Check Visits are provided when you take your pets with you but need plants watered, trash taken out and newspapers/mail brought in.  


The Senior Community (60+) 


We know that sometimes the elderly, the retired or the Senior community can use an extra hand.


Allow us to offer that hand and take the stress out of your day by giving your furry loved one some much needed exercise while providing you a wonderful break from that responsibility.


If you wish, we will even pick up the mail, bring in your newspaper, and water plants, with no extra charge, while we are there.  Cat and small animal care are included!

We are Happy to visit Seniors in senior communities and hospitals.


Get Happy Today! Schedule a FREE In Home Consult.  

This will allow us to answer any questions you may have while we meet you and your pet(s) and learn about their needs so we may personalize our visits! 




Happy Kitty Cat Visits


Your kitty will receive fresh food, water, light medications, Loving Attention and a clean litter box! 


15 - 20 minute visit:  $17.00


We also offer 30, 45, 60minutes and Overnight visits

**Once a day visit required**

**We do not care for outdoor cats**


We are committed to working with you while providing Loving care to your pets.


We do offer serveral discounts please let us know if you qualify for a discount.

Seniors (60+)/First Responders/School Personnel/Fosters and receive 5% off of all services!  

All Military will receive 10% off of 30 minute dog walking/sitting services and 5% off 15 -20 minute visits.


We like to keep our client base small and personal.  This allows us to Personalize our care for your pets, be flexible with your schedules and provide reliable services.


If you do not see a service listed, please feel free to ask!

**No Breed Restrictions!**  *No extra pet fees!*

Services are offered in parts of Virginia Beach and all of Norfolk.

Want FREE pet sitting/walking visits?  Simply refer our services!!


We will always leave a note after each visit.   Daily dog walking clients will receive a notebook for communications.


We are Happy to send a text or email Once a day upon request.


Unless your walker/sitter is in route, we do NOT charge extra fees for a same day cancellation or add on visits!

 We are NOT Clock Watchers!  If your pup or kitty has made a mess, loves extra brushing or needs an extra lap around the block, we are HAPPY to stay for NO EXTRA CHARGE!


Paw-Jammie Parties


Overnight in-your-home visits are so much fun!!  We enjoy loving and snuggling with your pets all night long.


 Arrival and departure times can be personalized.


10 Hour Stay: $85.00  per night 


Visits typically include:  Dinner, a walk and a breakfast feeding and a walk along with tons of loving tailored to your pet!


We also conduct routine home security checks, water plants, change lighting, bring in the mail, trash and newspapers.

Cats and small caged animal care is also included!  

Potty Breaks

Doggie Potty Breaks are available on a limited basis/area.

15 - 20 minutes back yard or quick leashed walk.  Fresh water and feeding.  $17.00

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Sometimes our rates, services and policies are not the perfect fit for everyone.  We network with local Professional Walkers/Sitters and would be Happy to give you their information!

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