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Happy At Home Professional Pet Care is owned and operated by me, Joanne Cassar.  As you can see by the above pictures, my love for dogs has been a live long endeavor! 

I am a Hampton Roads native, a former Navy wife, mom to three beautiful girls, five grandchildren and a chihuahua mix named Penny.


From a very early age I have been the "go to" person for friends and family in need of pet care services. So it was only natural that I turn my passion into my career!  

Recognizing my passion for all things animal, people feel confident and comfortable leaving their furry, or even non furry pets in my team's care.

As a former groomer's assistant, I have had the opportunity to become certified in Pet First Aid, groom/bathe and handle many types of dogs, cats and small animals.  I am just as comfortable with a 180 pound Great Dane as I am with a 5 pound poodle, as well as all the temperaments in-between!  Shy kitties, loving kitties, small animals that need cuddles - We are Happy to care for them all.

As a former active 
Virginia Beach SPCA volunteer, I have had many wonderful opportunities to participate in many fundraising events such as the annual "Bring on the Bulls," a wonderful event that brings awareness to bully breeds.  I have taken dogs and small animals to local schools for the Listening Ears program and for National reading month.  I have taken dogs and cats to local nursing homes for Pet Therapy.  I have also spent many hours at the shelter cleaning out kennels, laundry, exercising the dogs and playing with the cats and picking up donations from area businesses.

As a professional small business owner I feel it is important for me to "give back" to the community.  I enjoyed teaming up with other small businesses to raise money for local charities.

We Would Love to Meet You!

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Meet Lexus Renee Cassar! 
Office Manager and Task Master Lexie is Joanne's lab/hound mix that was 6 months old when she was adopted from a foster family in Isle of Wight.
Lexie's mom is a black lab and she was the only one out of the litter that had red hair!  
Lexie is my official Office Manager. She spends most of her days telling the neighborhood about the work her mommy does, sleeping, protecting the office from squirrels and rabbits and occasionally making up office rules and procedures, such as nap times, snack times, potty breaks, how to greet people that come over and mommy needs to stop work and give me lots of loving times!


Karen, Donna, Debbie, Susan and Victoria all cover visits in Virginia Beach.

Alberta covers visits in Norfolk

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